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a note to us from the Seabins Project...
"Seabin Project would personally like to thank
VinosAlviento for the generous support during the 2015
crowd-funding campaign helping turn this dream into a reality!
The proceeds of your donation goes to a great cause in the fight
against plastic pollution in the oceans!
At the Seabin Project we believe that the Seabins are not the solution but they will assist in removing floating pollution from our oceans and is a focus point to an issue that urgently needs to be addressed to protect and preserve for future generations. The solution will be education and research; we need to change the habits and have an awareness of the impact we are having on the surrounding environments"
                                                                                                   Sascha Chapman
                                                                                       Seabin Projects Operations Manager
VinosAlviento funded the creation of one Seabin which will be located in Coconut Grove on the Bay of Biscayne as part of the 1st wave Seabin launch program in 2017.
Both the city of La Grande Motte in France and  New York City are now  "Seabin pilot cities" and will be sponsoring the implementation of citywide pilots, in an effort to get a systemic solution to floating debris in their bays, ports and marinas, as well as launching comprehensive awareness and education programs.
Go to for more details.
We will let you know how much debris our VinosAlviento Seabin is collecting very soon!
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